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In 2014, Deborah's then consulting firm Echo E-Business, was engaged to design and deliver a tailor-made program to the Seagate EMEA Marketing team to help drive sales through their partner retail sites. Deborah who established the relationship and procured the sale, designed and delivered a two-day program which covered areas such as:-

  • Influencing merchandising and positioning of products to maximise sales on partner retail sites
  • Maximising efficiency of product information and assets distribution to multiple partner retail sites
  • Effective banner advertising
  • A study of effectiveness against the competition
  • Effective online merchandising and content strategy

Social Media Marketing Analysis and Strategy

Deborah conducted a social media marketing analysis of Seagate's current activities and provided intelligence from carefully sourced analytics regarding their competitors activities and online engagement.

She also prepared and delivered a detailed social media marketing report recommending the choice of channels and activities to be included in Seagate's Social Media Marketing Strategy for driving sales through partner retail sites.

If you would like a tailor-made training consultative program designed and delivered for your organisation by Deborah and her team, please visit her training and certification company The Certificate in Online Business

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