Who is Deborah?

Born 1973 into an academic family in London, Deborah moved to Kent at 18-months old to be raised by her mother Audrey, a department head in the civil service. Of an English mother and Greek descent on her businessman father's side, one of her grandfathers was a school deputy headmaster, the other a surveyor who had served as a local Chief Medical Officer in World War II.

Deborah experienced a happy childhood in the borough of Bexley, winning a place at Bexley Grammar School at 11-years old. She enjoyed a mix of sciences, humanities and the arts to GCSE and A-level, as well as hockey, greek evening lessons and modern dance classes.

In her mid-twenties, further to the loss of her grandfather and mother, she moved to Berkshire and was motivated to make her life as meaningful as possible. She chose to fill it with happy and enriching experiences through travel, innovation and education. Life for Deborah is about the journey, personal growth, memories, impact and legacy. It may have also been a key factor in the magazine TV Series concept she devised 'Toward Utopia', of which she has been described by industry as the 'heart beat'.

Deborah has spent the majority of her life in Windsor. Fuelling her love of languages and exploration, she also spent a number of years globetrotting living between Montreal and Kensington, as well as short periods in Buenos Aires, where she taught online classes to a global audience, and the Philippines where she learned to dive between growing her music portal at a rented space at a local tech company.

Deborah is a strong, reflective, compassionate and deep free-thinker who enjoys learning, philosophy, writing, poetry, music, dancing, comedy, science andfuture tech, art and design, architecture, fashion, backgammon, languages, travel, scuba diving, hiking and good food. She is also a member of MENSA (a society which "aims to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity").