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Deborah M. Collier

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Hire as Your Non-Executive Director (NED)

Do you need executive advice, help with strategy, impartial opinion or access to powerful contacts? As your non-executive director, I will be an impartical board director acting in an advisory capacity only, and can work for you as little as 1-2 days per month. Typically, I will attend monthly board meetings to offer impartial advice. I won't be involved in the day-to-day management of your business or organisation, but I will monitor executive activities, and contribute to development strategy and performance risk. Helping your board connect with networks of useful people and organisations is an important function I can help with. My experience setting up and running companies, as well as helping others strategically, is useful experience I can bring to your business or organisation. Finallly, if you market my presence on your board, it will help to deliver additional trust from customers, partners, suppliers and investors. I will support you with this through my online and social media presence.

My Experience

With c20-years CEO/ Director level experience, I hold a number of part-time directorships: Predominantly, I am currently Non-Executive Director at London Learning Consortium and President & Chief Information Marketing Officer at The Digital Skills Authority

How Does it Work?

Your business or organisation will normally hire my services through my limited company on a retainer basis. That is a regular monthly commitment. This is normally 1 or 2-days per month depending on your needs, but could be more.  I charge £1,500 per day for a 1-2 day monthly engagement, if operating and invoicing on limited company basis. Using this method, if you are a uK business, you wiill need to place my personal service company, as a corporate director at Companies House. I will then operate as your non-executive.

Alternatively, some organisatiions prefer to hire a NED on salaried/PAYE basis. It will cost more to hire on this basis. You will add my name non-executive director at Companies House, if you are a British business.

If you have any questons or would like to Hire as your NED, please contact me