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Echo E-Business was a licensed Certificate in Online Business (COB) delivered Public Classroom Courses and On-Site Courses 2008 - 2015

The COB (COB Certified Manager Courses) were developed by Echo E-Business Global Group CEO Deborah and incorporated into the group subsidiary publishing company. Deborah established the reputation of these programs by both marketing and delivering these courses in 2008 - 2014 along with her training team. These programs have now evolved, continue to be updated, some with e-learning versions - through the Digital Skills Authority in partnership with 'Licensed Training Providers' and E-Learning Reseller Partners.

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Deborah developed the first ever Content Strategy & Audience Engagement course in 2007, delivering training to organisations such as Skype, Dune, Warner Bros, Chapman Entertainment and more.

Testimonials for courses Deborah delivered are included in a downloadable PDF

View Course Photos & Testimonials 2007 - 2014 (PDF 637KB)

In late 2015, Deborah handed over all non-strategic training to her team who have now joined the Digital Skills Authority

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke classroom courses developed by Deborah include a Multi-channel merchandising course for John Lewis, a marketing course fo Webbs Garden Centres, Social Media Courses for numerous SMES, and an Online Selling/Marketing Course for Seagate.

More Echo E-Business Case Studies

A sample of 2007 - 2015 work overseen by Deborah at Echo E-Business Global Group, prior to the group closing in 2016.

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