Deborah Collier

"... enterprising and an original thinker", Professor Rosenberg, then at University of London

"... a friendly approachable style that lended itself well to the culture we have here at Three" Jacqueline Harper - Director of Online, Hutchison 3G

"...a rare breed of 'half geek, half human', she can interpret technology for those of us who are not interested in technology BUT are interested in what it can do for us", Penny Power OBE

"she has the uncanny knack of being able to anticipate problems before they happen and devise innovative solutions" Noel McCarthy, then Manager PwC Online, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

" expert in e-business because of her professional background, and wide experience" Muhanna Baqer, Director General Strategy - Ministry of Technology & Communications - Government of Oman

"Digital Diva", " intelligent and bright articulator who makes the complex simple" Steve Hyde, Chairman at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), CEO 360 Executive Search

" a class of her own", Deborah Grant Leading Medical Herbalist

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About Deborah

Listed 82nd in Richtopia's 'Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World'

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (An award the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce grants to individuals it judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development)

Deborah Collier M.Sc. FRSA, is a futurist, digital philosopher and senior strategic education and business leader, specialising in business and organisational strategy, content, commerce, marketing, digital and humanity.

Passionate about the Arts and Education, she is also a commercial and creative Executive Producer for Film and TV, specialising in strategy, innovation, content and audience engagement.

Deborah is a positive influential figure with an influential following in academia, business, media and government. She has 20-years business leadership experience. An innovator, strategic leader and digital champion, she is best known for her creative business strategy, digital business, marketing and e-commerce experience, as well as her insight into how digital, media and social networks interplay with humanity.

During her career, she has helped both SME's and large international organisations such as John Lewis, Seagate, Three, Kenwood, The Omani Government, South African Post Office, Skype, Delta Airlines and more.

Deborah's experience and audience spans multiple industries, particularly publishing, media, retail and education. She is the President and founder of the industry's global Digital Skills Authority. She developed, delivered and established the reputation of it's industry-recognised Certificate in Online Business (COB) certifications in 2008-2016 through a group of consulting and publishing companies as CEO. She also serves on the board of Directors of leading government-backed apprenticeships organisation London Learning Consortium. In 2019, further to a number of approaches from film industry producers, Deborah embarked on a large scale theatrical film project as Executive Producer, and conceived an educational / magazine format TV series, through her own company Portman Collier.     

Deborah's Work

In the Press and Media

A published author, with 31K+ Twitter followers, who achieved a 3.65-million audience reach (according to analytics company SumAll), her insights have appeared in 'Internet Retailing', 'MarketingWeek' and the national and international press. She has also written articles for publications such as 'Start Your Business', 'The Telegraph' and 'Loyalty Magazine' and presented at events such the 'Online Marketing Show'. Deborah appeared on Channel 4 News in 2018, as well as live radio broadcast. Visit Press Room


Deborah enjoys writing, music, dancing, science and future tech, art and design, architecture, fashion, backgammon, languages, travel, scuba diving, hiking and good food. She is also a member of MENSA (a society which "aims to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity").

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A Sample of Deborah's Books

E-Business Strategy, Planning & Management, included with the COB Certified E-Business Manager Course

E-Commerce - Planning, Implementing and Managing a Profiletable Store

Content Strategy and Customer Experience Workbook

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