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I am looking for experienced agents internationally to help source, negotiate and manage my paid enagements.

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Alongside my portfolio of part-time roles as President & Chief Marketing / Information Officer at The Certificate in Online Business, Director of Strategy and Innovation at The Institute for Business Advancement, and Non-Executive Director at London Learning Consortium, I can help your organisation, on an advisory, interim or part-time basis.

Non-Executive Director / Lay Board Member
Do you need executive advice, help with strategy, impartial opinion or access to powerful contacts? As your non-executive director, I will be a non-board director acting in an advisory capacity only, and can work for you as little as 1-2 days per month. Typically, I will attend monthly board meetings to offer impartial advice. I won't be involved in the day-to-day management, but I will monitor executive activities, and contribute to development strategy and performance risk. Helping your organisation and board connect with networks of useful people and organisations is an important function I can help with. My experience setting up and running businesses, as well as helping others strategically, is useful experience I can bring to you. Finallly, if you market my participation on your board, it will help to deliver additional trust from customers, partners, suppliers and investors. I will support you with this through my online and social media presence.  How does it work? >>

Strategic Consulting - Business Strategy, Commercial and Marketing Strategy, E-Business, E-Commerce & Digital Transformation

I provide strategic advice to leaders (c-suite, directors and business owners), and can be hired for the occasional day, half-day session, or series of phone sessions. Find out more >>

TV Presenting and Debate Panel Participation

With 10-years autocue experience and recent attendance of a TV Presenter Masterclass, I am interested in factual presenting opportunities - whether these be recorded documentary or shows with special guests. I am also interested in paid TV Panel expert opportunities. As a business and educational influencer, I can support my engagements through my social media profiles and following.

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Public Speaking - Motivation, Assertiveness, Innovation, Digital, Future, Business, Education

Do your staff feel recognised and valued? Are they assertive and innovative? How do they respond to change? Hire me to deliver a talk that motivates your teams to seek out opportunities to innovate, identify and solve problems. Holding a conference? I'm described as a thought-leader and leading authority on digital business, marketing and professional education. Hire me to deliver an engaging speech to your attendees.

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Influencer Social Media Posts

As a niche online influencer with a high-profile media and business following, I am able to post selected sponsored posts. (30K+ Twitter following with 2.8-million weekly retweet reach).

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