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Deborah M. Collier

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Hire as Your Non-Executive Director (NED)

Do you need executive advice, help with strategy, impartial opinion or access to powerful contacts? As your non-executive director, I will be an impartical board director acting in an advisory capacity only, and can work for you as little as 1-2 days per month. Typically, I will attend monthly board meetings to offer impartial advice. I won't be involved in the day-to-day management of your business or organisation, but I will monitor executive activities, and contribute to development strategy and performance risk. Helping your board connect with networks of useful people and organisations is an important function I can help with. My experience setting up and running companies, as well as helping others strategically, is useful experience I can bring to your business or organisation. Finallly, if you market my presence on your board, it will help to deliver additional trust from customers, partners, suppliers and investors. I will support you with this through my online and social media presence.

My Experience

With c20-years CEO/ Director level experience, I hold a number of part-time directorships: I am currently Non-Executive Director at London Learning Consortium, President & Chief Information Marketing Officer at The Certificate in Online Business, Director Strategy & Innovation at The Institute for Business Advancement (Special Projects), and Interim Commercial Director at fashion retailer Jesse Sloane.

How Does it Work?

Your business or organisation will normally hire my services through my limited company on a retainer basis. That is a regular monthly commitment. This is normally 1 or 2-days per month depending on your needs, but could be more.  I charge £1,500 per day for a 1-2 day monthly engagement, if operating and invoicing on limited company basis. Using this method, if you are a uK business, you wiill need to place my personal service company, as a corporate director at Companies House. I will then operate as your non-executive.

Alternatively, some organisatiions prefer to hire a NED on salaried/PAYE basis. It will cost more to hire on this basis. You will add my name non-executive director at Companies House, if you are a British business.

If you have any questons or would like to Hire as your NED, please contact me