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Echo E-Business was a licensed Certificate in Online Business (COB) Licensed Training Provider and Delivered Public Classroom Courses and On-Site Courses

The COB (COB Certified Manager Courses) were developed by Deborah and incorporated into an Echo E-Business group subsidiary publishing company, for strategic reasons. Deborah established the reputation of these programs by both marketing and delivering these courses in 2008 - 2014. These programs are now delivered by Echo E-Business's training and enablement team (now at The Certificate in Online Business), and in future by Licensed Training Providers around the globe.

Deborah established the reputation of these three programs, which were born from singular 1-day programs. Deborah developed the first ever Content Strategy & Customer Experience course in 2007, delivering training to organisations such as Skype, Dune, Warner Bros, Chapman Entertainment and more.

Links to Courses at The Certificate in Online Business

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program
COB Certified E-Business Manager Program
COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program

Testimonials for courses Deborah delivered are included in a downloadable PDF

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In late 2015, Deborah handed over all non-strategic training to her team who have now joined The Certificate in Online Business.

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke classroom courses developed by Deborah include a Multi-channel merchandising course for John Lewis, a marketing course fo Webbs Garden Centres, Social Media Courses for numerous SMES, and an Online Selling/Marketing Course for a leading global storage company (details and company identity under non-disclosure agreement).

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