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Challenging Economic & Political Times
How to Write a Digital Strategy
Online Tactics for Recession Recovery

Brexit and E-Commerce
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Why Should E-Commerce Leaders Invest in Agility? (Post on Linkedin)
How Does Brexit Impact International Commerce? (Post on Linkedin)
Why is Multi-Cultural Talent Critical for E-Commerce? (Post on Linkedin)
E-Business Predictions 2018

E-Business Strategy and Future E-Business
NEW: E-Business Predictions 2018
E-Business in Emerging Markets
E-Business Going Global
E-Business Strategy Definition (No.1 on Google)
Annual E-Business Predictions 2009 - 2017
E-Business Evolution White Paper (PDF 542KB) (White paper featuring articles from leaders at John Lewis, J.P. Morgan, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Cancer Research UK and Linden Labs)

Of Interest
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Designers versus Programmers
Going Green with E-Business
Is Your Web Site Killing Your Business?
Online Lessons from the Big Boys (PDF 3.6MB) (Published in Start Your Businesss Magazine)
Should President Obama's Twitter Account Transfer to Trump? (Post on Linkedin)

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How to Reshape the Publishing Industry
Retail Strategy for Grown-Ups
Why is SEO a Web Merchandisers job?
Lessons from the Greatest DotCom Failure
Top 5 Christmas Sales Boosting Tips

Marketing and Customer Experience
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Why is Social Media Marketing Like Dating?
Delivering Credibility in Testimonials
Is Your Web Site Killing Your Business?
Why is RSS the King of Kings?
Personalisation for All

Other Business Topics (Posted on Linkedin)
Chief Information & Marketing Officer - Rise of the Half-Geek Half-Human
Why is Individualism Good for Teams?
What is a Non-Executive Director?
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7 Deadly Sins
7 Deadly E-Commerce Sins
7 Deadly Search Engine Sins
7 Deadly Web Content Sins