Certification Brand Development and Strategic Business Case Study

The Certificate in Online Business is the Global Digital Skills Authority founded and led by Deborah Collier.

COB Certified are a series of industry-recognised certifications in e-business, e-commerce and marketing, developed by Deborah in 2008. During 2012-2014 Deborah invited expert contributor trainers to provide up-to-date training in social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising to the newest of the series: COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program. In early 2016, all three programs, which were a acquired by a third-party publishing company, finally made their home at a newly formed dedicated certification company called The Certificate in Online Business, further to interest from a large US group to buy the certification brands (as a certification company).

Deborah, President and Chief Information/ Marketing Officer at The Certificate in Online Business, who had previously led the classroom programs with a team of expert trainers, is now positioning and expanding the certification brand-focused company. Deborah's responsibilities include:

  • Entire business strategy, structure and leadership of the company
  • Leading digital productization (e-learning subscription), distribution, licensing, partnerships, marketing and advertising strategy, e-commerce planning & implementation management
  • Partnerships and Licensees
  • Information systems and IT strategy

Key Achievements include:

  • Brand creation and development of series of industry-recognized management certifications in E-Business, e-commerce and digital marketing
  • Rebrand and introduction of new certification courses in October 2018
  • Attracted and secured negotiation of c.£1million annual license revenue within 2-weeks of partner acquisition campaign marketing
  • Gained interest from a US group of 50 companies, to buy a major stake in the company, once a targeted sales history is achieved
  • Established a network of Universities and professional institutes around the globe to invigilate the COB (Certificate in Online Business) exams
  • Attracted and successfully recruited a high-profile well-respected leader as VP Europe and Latin America
  • Digital transformation - Implemented pure e-learning versions of the classroom certification courses, implementing intellectual property security and fraud protection mechanisms, and attracting blue-chip clients such as L'Oreal.


  • COB Certified E-Business Manager Program
  • COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program
  • COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program
  • COB Certified E-Business Leader Program
  • COB Certified Marketing Program
  • COB Certified E-Commerce Leader Program